Project: 197 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge

Client: Crickmore Developments

About Us cont'd

The Practice encourages staff to update their knowledge through further training and has supported both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Junior staff can progress their academic knowledge through Day Release.

We are keen to see our staff taking an active part in professional life and encourage attendance at regional meetings of professional institutions. All graduates train within an approved structured scheme. In-house training has expanded as the Practice has grown. Throughout the winter we arrange, on a regular basis, for specialist contractors to explain their systems to our staff. Other local professionals are invited to such presentations. Their presence broadens the critique of any commercial presentation.

Our quality assurance is controlled in-house separately from our design teams. Each active project is independently reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure progress is maintained and the client is kept fully briefed. We are fully aware of our responsibilities for Health and Safety. Our senior staff are externally trained to complete our standard proforma for risk assessment and on small designs we produce advice sheets for the contractor to accompany the detail issue.